A 9-camera array that captures a moment in time as a stunning three-dimensional animated image.


With MOTUSRED our aim is to merge digital technology with elegant physical design into a streamlined device that produces a unique moving picture. That image engages the viewer in a way that is part photograph and part video, but strikingly rare in its ability to briefly mesmerize the viewer and allow them to gain a new perspective on a frozen moment in time.


Built with the idea of mobility in mind and the aim to be used in a variety of ways, our machines allow for numerous new possibilities in digital imagery.


The world’s highest quality and most versatile still image photo-booth. MotusLUX, a super high quality single camera booth with a printing option. The LUX uses professional portrait-style lighting, camera and lens combination, and automatically, instantly runs each photo through a custom Photoshop editing process that makes everyone look fabulous in either color or a stylized black in white!

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MOTUSGO makes it fast, easy and fun to share images on the spot. It’s a game changer! Our new event photography solution! It’s a professional photographer with a very exciting tech twist! Imagine no longer having to wait days or even weeks for your photos to be delivered. Now your images will be available instantly! Both you and your guests can post and share at will in real time! All of this is done on our amazing kiosks that can be placed anywhere in the event space! Pretty exciting! Every image is shot with the highest quality equipment and delivered with our instant beauty edit. Not only is it instant digital image delivery, we can also do on the spot prints with brand artwork.

Make Your Event Awesome.

We love events – and we want to be a part of yours! We want to capture your guests in a unique way that no other photo booth or photographer can. Our booths, especially the signature MOTUSRED, are all about your guests having a great time with an experience that’s a little different than what they’re used to. (And don’t worry, we’ll let you take all the credit)

Whether it’s a social event or a marketing opportunity we’d love to be a part of what you’re doing and make it just that much more awesome! We haven’t met anyone yet that hasn’t been fun to work with. Email us or fill out the contact form below to tell us about what you’re up to!

We Love To Party.

From art festivals to company anniversary events to epic weddings – Motus is all about making sure your guests have a great time and an incredible snapshot to take from your awesome event. If you want to break the mold with what a photo booth looks like and gives you and your guests, we’d love to chat with you. Motus is just #MoFun

Are you a nonprofit? Ask us about a discount and ways you can get a sponsor for our services.

Activate Your Brand In Style.

We want people to know about and engage with your brand and your company… and we like to help do that in style! Our signature booth, the MotusRED, makes for an incredibly dynamic snapshot from your event - one that people are always impressed by and want to post and share with others.

We offer several branding options as well as the ability to capture email addresses of event-goers as they send themselves their photos. See below for brands we’ve worked with, we’d be excited to add you to that list!


Perfect For Brands Both Big & Small.

Just a few of the many companies that have added the MOTUS experience to their occasion.


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