We do our 360° a little differently than everyone else — we use a mirrorless camera and a wide angle prime lens. The larger sensor and wide aperture captures more light than an iPhone/iPad or a GoPro
which is great for the high frame rates needed tor slo-mo. The wide aperture and fixed focus on the lens also allows for a shallower depth of field with subtle focal falloff in the background. While many other 360°s have a smaller platform that only fits 1-2 people, we have a 39"
platform that holds 3-5 guests. We even Include a premium lighting package to make everyone look incredible. In short, our 360° captures look better than anyone else's. The MOTUS360° is a highly portable system, completely battery powered and sets up in under an hour.
Rental includes video customization with branded graphics or overlays and two operators from the amazing MOTUS team.


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